Duane Treadwell and Jill George Team Up

9/6/2012 - We are sorry…we have been absent on this website for awhile….it has been a long summer getting through a couple of very bad wrecks and mechanical issues. The Middlebourne, WV. wreck at the end of May, which has been well documented was followed by a brake system failure at Brainerd, MN. in a WoO race there, in early July. Since that time, we have been working to get a great new Rocket up and running and out on the circuit. No sooner did that happen than Jill was hit under caution while sitting on the top of the racetrack in Lake City, Michigan. So, now, after that setback and subsequent repairs, Jill is ready to go again. We are trying a new approach with some new help and some great equipment, so we are hopeful that the end of the season of 2012 will be outstanding, with all intents of making a huge splash at the end of the year and in 2013.

Jill's schedule for the remainder of the season looks like this:

Spetember 7-9 Practice in Atlanta and racing at Dixie Speedway
September 14-15 World of Outlaws, Bell-Claire and Pevely, MO
September 21-22 World of Outlaws, Marne, MI
September 27-29 Knoxville Late Model Nationals
October 10 World of Outlaws, Charlotte, NC
November 1-3 World Finals, Charlotte, NC

There may also be some other selected races in Georgia and the southeast which will be determined at a later date.

Jill's cars are now being housed in a race shop in Lagrange, Georgia, just south of Atlanta. She is running a 2008 Rocket and also has the 2010 Rocket getting repaired with a rear clip after the wreck in Minnesota. She has also purchased the former car of Clint Smith (he got a new Rocket) which is a 2011 Rocket, so by the end of the year there will be three cars ready to race with the potential of a 2013 Rocket also, depending on funding. She will race with an 800 horsepower AEM motor for the remainder of the season except for Knoxville where she will have a 840 horsepower SB2 motor from Racetek in Dalton, Georgia. Duane Treadwell of Lagrange is crew chiefing Jill's car and racing his own 2010 Rocket out of Jill's trailer. "I am really excited about where we are heading with my racing program. It just became too much for Rick and I to do at the level we needed to do it. WIth Jackson growing up and my chiropractic business going so great and with Rick's different work we just felt it was important to get more organized and better prepared and we feel with Duane helping us we have a chance to do great things. Duane helped Clint Smith over the past few months and Clint has been going great, so to get Duane to help us and race with us can only help. I want to thank my fans for their patience during this tough time for me. My new building at my chiropractic office, a couple of bad luck wrecks have really derailed our season. But, things are looking up now and I can't wait to get back out there. We have some new sponsorship help from Bubba Gale and Gale Force and Frankland Rear Ends as well as Mason Racing and Keyser. So, I am optimistic."

Jill plans on running with the WoO in 2013. As well, she will have a car in Iowa which she will use to run the Corn Belt Clash series and and some IMCA events as well.

Thanks to everyone who supports Jill and JGR. We will be back, better than ever.