Tough Luck Following Jill....But Staying Positive and Moving Forward

7/18/2012 - There have been some tough times lately for Jill and Jill George Racing, that is for sure. There were motor problems early in the year, a horrible wreck Memorial Day weekend in West Virginia, and most recently, a meeting with the wall in Brainerd, Minnesota,last Saturday night. But, through it all, Jill remains confident, upbeat and is looking forward to good things in the next few months in her racing career. "We have raced under a cloud, some really bad luck and some things that have been our fault for sure….but we cannot focus on the negative. We have also had some good moments lately and I choose to focus on those, on the future and doing good things in racing. We have done enough to know that we can compete…we all just need to do a better job of preparing, being on top of things, knowing the race track and me doing my job. I know we can do it."

Last weekend Jill followed up her 20th place finish at the NAPA 50 at the Deer Creek World of Outlaws show with three WoO races in Canada, North Dakota and Minnesota. She took a provisional in Winnepeg after being slammed into the front stretch wall in the B main while running in a qualified spot. "sometimes I think some local guys take exception to getting beat by a woman…..and that is what happened." With a damaged car Jill took the green and pulled in at the start of the A main. The next night, after a full day of work to fix the car, Jill did a great job in Grand Forks, ND, at another WoO event. She ran second for several laps in her heat race after timing 17th out of 34 cars. She slipped back and finished 5th in the heat, just missing a qualified feature spot. Then she led the B main for two laps and ultimately finished 2nd, qualifying for her 7th WoO A main of the year. I broken RR shock kept her from doing well in the feature……another in the line of disappointments in the season.

On Saturday night in Brainerd, MN, Jill had the best car she has had in a long time. She was 5th fastest out of 24 cars in practice….but a mechanical problem with the rear brakes caused her to jump the cushion and hit the wall in time trials. The front stub of the car was bent and could not be fixed. The care is currently in Atlanta being repaired. "I feel so bad….and somewhat embarassed. We had a great car. We have been trying some new set up things and they all seemed to work at Brainerd. I was following Darrel Lanigan in time trials and I just could not turn the car. The damage was too much to fix so we loaded it and sent it to Atlanta to be repaired. I think we were going to have a great night."

Jill currently is 14th in WoO points, but with a couple of drivers leaving the tour, will move up some in the points which is a good thing, especially when it comes to provisional starts. At this time it is unclear what car Jill will drive at Shawano, Wisconsin, Cedar Lake and Independence, Iowa, the next three WoO stops. If her Rocket can be fixed quickly it will be that car; if not, it is possible that she will drive a t Duane Treadwell owned Rocket in those three events.

Nontheless, Jill remains optimistic. "we have had some bad luck; we have made some mistakes. I am not giving up. I am healing from the West Virginia wreck, and I am comfortable in the car. We have qualified better lately, and we have raced ok. When we get this car fixed or if I am in Duane's car, I am confident that I can make races and do well. The effort to do that will continue."

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of you who support Jill George Racing. Jill appreciates you support, the fact that you come around to see her at the track, and all the mail, email, Facebook contact. We will continue to work hard and to make all of you proud. Hope to see you at the race track soon!